"I first heard Luann speak at a Woman of the Word Conference and she shared her personal testimony. I remember being so comforted to hear how God healed her heart. Since then I have had the privilege to accompanying her on several speaking engagements over the past couple of years. Luann is very open and transparent when she shares her personal struggles. Woman respond to Luann because they can relate to her. She loves to pray for woman and has a heart to see them set free and healed from the things that hold them back. After she preaches, I observe how women come up to her, and share the life changing impact she has made in their lives and their walk with Christ." Wolcott, CT

 "It was a great honor to have you speak at our(event). I have received many favorable remarks about your message and testimony and it certainly ministered to the ladies. What an incredible blessing you were to every lady that attended. Not one woman went home without her life touched by God". Wauregan CT

"Luann Dunnuck was a true blessing at our Matters of the Heart Luncheon. She imparted the truth of God's Word in a relevant way with sincerity and power. The women were absolutely blessed by her life changing message and transparency. Their testimonies keep coming in about how her message has encouraged them and gave them hope. I believe that the women were forever transformed by her ministry. I look forward to reading her book Holy Spirit Psychology. Thanks Luann for allowing God to manifest His healing virtue and anointing through you". NEW HAVEN, CT

​​ “I grew up in a family in which my father was an alcoholic and my mother was an enabler who focused on trying to keep peace in the family. As I grew up into adulthood I understood the cause of my dad's addiction, and I was able to forgive him and develop a good relationship with him. When I learned from the teaching, that "not meeting your parent’s expectations" could be a cause of toxic emotions, I started sobbing. I suddenly realized that, for all these years, I unconsciously held anger and false guilt toward my mother for always comparing me to my sister. Having this revealed to me has enabled me to forgive, let go of anger, and move on without holding onto the insecurities this caused in my life. What a wonderful release!” PROSPECT, CT
"I wanted to thank you for being so real! You brought deliverance to my life! You can use my unpublished Father's Day poem to minister to hurting women." NEW ORLEANS, LA
(God is the best Father).....
-He can adopt you into his family,
-listen to and support your dreams,
-encourage you when you need it, -​chastise you when you need correction, -He will be in your corner in good times and bad, -He has time to give you and wisdom to share, -He is someone you can look up to, and (most of all) - He is blessed to be your dad!!

Testimonies of God's Faithfulness

           live, learn, and grow....