This seminar is for women and men who have had a past abortion. The participant discovers how to find healing in 3 areas; forgiveness toward oneself, forgiveness from the child who is now in heaven, and forgiveness from God the Father. This seminar is essential for those who have experienced the trauma of abortion.

anger & forgiveness

There are two productive ways to handle anger. Learn from scripture how to resolve anger and bitterness issues. Unforgiveness can be the root behind many emotional and physical illnesses. In this seminar opportunities will be given to properly forgive. Learn what forgiveness is, and is not, and how to break the cycle of unforgiveness. 

Conferences & one day seminars

Post Abortion Healing

Stress & Anxiety

This seminar explores the 3 stages of stress and anxiety and how both affect the whole person. Answers and remedies are taught to prevent burnout. A Biblical perspective is given that will help one discover how to come into agreement with God's perspective and out of agreement with negative thinking. 

Rejection and not accepting yourself can set up obstacles to personal growth and maturity. Discover how to let go of old ways of thinking and learn new ways to set yourself up for success. Understand the difference between guilt/conviction and false guilt. 

Rejection & guilt